IDF Offers Financial Reward, Promises Palestinians Security in Exchange for Info About Hamas’ Hostages

Craig Bannister | October 24, 2023
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The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is promising the residents of Gaza financial reward, protection and confidentiality, in exchange for information that will help them free the hostages being held there by Hamas.

The IDF made the offer Tuesday in a social media post providing contact information and urging Gaza’s citizens to “do the humanitarian deed”:

“As part of the extensive efforts to free the Israeli and foreign national hostages held by Hamas terrorists the IDF asks the residents of Gaza:

“If your will is to live in peace and to have a better future for your children, do the humanitarian deed immediately and share verified and valuable information about hostages being held in your area. The Israeli military assures you that it will invest maximum effort in providing security for you and your home, and you will receive a financial reward. We guarantee you complete confidentiality. The contact details are: Secure phone call: *8619 Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal: +972503957992”

In a follow-up post, the IDF assured that the purpose of its attack is simply to destroy Hamas. “Watch this important message from the IDF Chief of the General Staff,” the post says, directing readers to an embedded video:

“We want to bring Hamas to a state of full dismantling—its leaders, its military branch, and its working mechanisms. That is why we are striking, and eliminating high ranking commanders and members, destroying infrastructure, and acting with great determination.” Watch this important message from the IDF Chief of the General Staff:”

IDF's offer to Gaza citizens.