IDF Update: Anti-Tank Missile Fired at Our Troops from UNRWA School, ‘Terrorist Tunnel’ Uncovered

Craig Bannister | May 30, 2024
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Hamas fired a missile from a United Nations-run school in Rafah, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported Thursday, in the latest of its social media updates on the war against the Palestinian terrorist group in Gaza.

@UNRWA how long will you keep silent to grenades, weapons and tunnel shafts breaching the sanctity of children’s classrooms?” the IDF post asks the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, after detailing the attack:

“An anti-tank missile was fired from an UNRWA school toward our troops. IDF forces operated in a medical clinic nearby, when an explosive in a booby-trapped tunnel shaft detonated and killed 3 soldiers. During later scans in the school, we found large quantities of weapons.”


On Wednesday, IDF reported that it had uncovered and dismantled dozens of anti-tank missiles and weapons in a “1.5km long terrorist tunnel”:

“Only 100 meters from the Rafah Crossing, our soldiers located a tunnel shaft branching into several different routes that contained several blast doors, a hideout and additional facilities. The tunnels were used to carry out terrorist attacks against our forces.”

“We will continue operating wherever Hamas is hiding in order to eliminate the threat they pose to Israelis,” IDF vowed.


And, on Monday, IDF confirmed that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) had, indeed, conducted a strike on a Palestinian city, but refuted Hamas’ claim it had hit a humanitarian area:

”Last night, the @IAFsite carried out an intelligence-based precise strike that targeted senior Hamas terrorists in Tal as Sultan. Contrary to Hamas' lies and misinformation, the strike did not take place in the Al-Mawasi Humanitarian Area.”

Last October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, killing more than 1,100 civilians and taking 134 hostages, some of whom it is still holding captive. The Hamas attack was reportedly the largest slaughter of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust.

In response, Israel declared war and began its operation to eliminate the terrorist group that seeks to destroy it and wipe out the world’s Jewish population.