IDF: Videos Show Hamas Terrorists with Rocket Launchers at Gaza Hospital, Refusing Humanitarian Aid

Craig Bannister | November 13, 2023
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“What could these Hamas terrorists possibly be doing with an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade launcher) at the Quds Hospital?” Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) asked Monday, posting video of Hamas terrorists in front of a Gaza hospital firing at Israeli troops.

The video appears to show Hamas firing from the hospital’s entrance, a terrorist carrying a RPG launcher on his shoulder, and a tank parked just outside the hospital.



Hamas isn’t just using hospitals as military bases, it’s also refusing Israeli humanitarian aid to Gaza citizens, other IDF videos show.

“Our troops risked their lives to hand-deliver 300 liters of fuel to the Shifa hospital for urgent medical purposes. Hamas forbade the hospital from taking it,” IDF reports, introducing video of Israeli soldiers delivering humanitarian aid through what appears to be a tunnel:

“Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry has been warning for weeks that its hospitals are running out of fuel. If so, why would they prevent the hospital from receiving it?”



“In the last 24 hours, the IDF delivered 300 liters of fuel to the Shifa Hospital's doorstep, yet the fuel remains untouched after Hamas threatened hospital staff,” an IDF spokesman says in another video:

“The IDF is doing everything it can to mitigate harm to Gazan civilians and increase humanitarian aid. Our war is with Hamas—not with the people of Gaza.”

Hamas’ Health Ministry CEO is directly responsible for preventing the IDF from delivering the much-needed fuel to the hospital, IDF says in a video post of an English-subtitled translation of what IDF reports to be the CEO rejecting the fuel.

“Watch for yourselves,” the IDF urges:

“The IDF provided 300 liters of fuel for urgent medical purposes to the Shifa Hospital, but there was a problem that prevented the fuel from getting to its destination. Why? Because the CEO of the Hamas Health Ministry, Yosef Abu Rish, forbade it. Watch for yourselves”