Illegal Alien-Loving Media Get ‘The Finger’ from NY Cop-Assault Suspect Released Without Bail

Craig Bannister | February 1, 2024
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An illegal alien suspect in the attack on two New York police officers gave a universally-understood hand gesture to the media after he was released without bail on Wednesday: he gave them “the finger.”

Showing no love for the media that have so zealously defended and celebrated illegal immigration, the suspect flipped on their cameras as he left the courthouse, The Gateway Pundit explains:

“Jhoan Boada, 22, the fifth suspect to be freed, was arrested after being identified from surveillance footage and a wanted poster.

“Boada displayed a brazen attitude as he left the Manhattan Criminal Court. After his arraignment on charges, including assaulting a police officer and obstructing governmental administration, he expressed his denial of the allegations in Spanish and flipped off the cameras.”



Video of Boada’s blatant display of contempt for both America and its illegal alien-loving media went viral on social media on Thursday, with many posts declaring the incident emblematic of “Joe Biden’s America.”

“This photo perfectly sums up Joe Biden’s America. An illegal in our country who beat up police officers flipping off the press as he leaves the courthouse after being freed with 0 (sic) bail,” @LibsOfTikTok wrote, posting uncensored video of Boada’s gesture to the cameras.

“In Joe Biden’s America, you can enter our country illegally, assault a police officer, and be released from jail without bail immediately. Enough is enough,” @HouseGOP wrote in its post of the video.