Jewish Family Viciously Beaten by Arab-Speaking Family in NYC; Police and DOE Downplay

Craig Bannister | June 24, 2024
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A Jewish family was viciously beaten at a school event by an Arab-speaking family shouting “I will kill you” and “Death to Israel” after a fifth-grade graduation in New York City, but the police and Education Department are trying to downplay the crime, a victim of the attack says.

A Jewish mother, identified only as Lana, is speaking out after the attack on her family, during which she says the Arab-speaking family shouted “I will kill you!” and anti-Semitic comments, such as “Death to Israel!” “Gaza is ours!” and “Free Palestine!”

Lana, her husband Johan, and their son were all injured during the attack, The New York Post details:

“[Lana’s husband] Johan was taken to Maimonides Medical Center with scrapes, bruises and swelling on his head, face and body, photos show. Lana suffered a gash on her leg. Their teen son had a bloody nose.”

Only one suspect, Ez-Al Dean Bazar, was arrested. He was charged with third-degree assault and released on his own recognizance.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) did not classify the assault as a hate crime, even though her family is well-known as Jewish at the school. While NYPD now says that its Hate Crime Task Force will investigate the case, no determination has been made.

“The DOE (Department of Education) is trying to sweep it under the rug to avoid further scrutiny of this heinous anti-Semitic act,” Lana told The New York Post, which reports that DOE spokesman Nathaniel Styer tried to shift the blame to Lana and Johan.

Styer claims that “both sides engaged in aggressive behavior” and that DOE is “engaging” with the two families.