Levin: ‘Excuse Me, Media. McConnell Never Supported Reagan Conservatism’

Craig Bannister | February 29, 2024
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“Excuse me, media.  McConnell never supported Reagan conservatism,” iconic conservative commentator Mark Levin said Wednesday, as liberal media bemoaned Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) announcement he will be leaving his role as Republican Senate leader.

In a thinly-veiled ploy to attack former president and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, leftist media have portrayed Sen. McConnell as a disciple of former Pres. Ronald Reagan.

“Democrat Party media mourning McConnell’s long overdue announcement he’ll be stepping down in November, and pumping up Joe Biden’s hideous son Hunter,” Levin observed in a social media post.

Levin followed up by blasting the “RINOs” (Republicans-In-Name-Only,” as well as the “media Democrats,” who are pitching the falsehood that McConnell is a Reaganite:

“Excuse me, media.  McConnell never supported Reagan conservatism.  And hearing these media Democrats and RINOs demonstrates just how disconnected these Washington ruling class frauds are not just from the GOP base, but from most Americans.”

Indeed, liberal media are warning, falsely, that McConnell’s resignation signals the Republican Party’s shift from Reaganism to a radical agenda supposedly supported by Trump.

The Associated Press said McConnell’s resignation signals “a powerful ideological transition” away from Reagan’s “traditional conservatism,” which was opposed to Trump:

“His decision punctuates a powerful ideological transition underway in the Republican Party, from Ronald Reagan’s brand of traditional conservatism and strong international alliances, to the fiery, often isolationist populism of former President Donald Trump.”

“McConnell endorsed Reagan’s view of America’s role in the world and the senator has persisted in face of opposition, including from Trump, that Congress should include a foreign assistance package that includes $60 billion for Ukraine.”

Politico framed Trump’s “America-First” beliefs as “pugnacious” and McConnell’s views as Reaganite conservatism:

“At the moment, McConnell’s successor as leader is likely to be influenced heavily by a growing bloc of senators who align more with Trump’s pugnacious, America-First image than with the Reaganite conservative tradition.”

Politico went on to say that McConnell still has time, before stepping down from his leadership role in November, to keep the Republican Party “on a Reaganite track” and thwart Trump:

“McConnell still has 10 months as GOP leader to address some major unfinished business: A huge foreign aid bill, winning back the Senate majority and keeping his fractious party from going off the rails altogether. Those issues could augment his record of bending the judiciary to the right and keeping his party on a Reaganite track when it comes to foreign affairs — not to mention his efforts at a delicate balance between thwarting and accepting Trump.”

“McConnell may have come to politics with a Reaganesque purpose and ideology, but he will leave his post as a handmaiden to Trumpism, helping usher in a coarser, less free America,” a Bloomberg commentary claimed.

Commenting on McConnell’s remarks announcing his resignation, the Bloomberg piece refers to “the specter” of a second Trump term and calls RINO Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) – who voted to impeach Trump – a “Reagan Republican”:

“He never mentioned this backdrop — the specter of a second Trump term — in his announcement speech on the Senate floor as Senator Susan Collins (another Reagan Republican) sat behind him.”

On his ”Life, Liberty & Levin program” on Fox News Channel, Levin has detailed some of the ways Trump is like, not opposed to, Reagan.