Levin: Here’s What Biden’s New Communist Manifesto Has to Do with You, Your Freedom and Your Property

Craig Bannister | March 25, 2024
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“This affects you, each and every one of you,” Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin warned Sunday, explaining how Democrats’ “pretend justice system” and “New Communist Manifesto” threaten the freedoms and property of all Americans.

“This is the document that Bernie Sanders and Biden and their reprobates put together about how they want to govern America. I call it the New Communist Manifesto,” Levin said, holding up a copy of “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations Combating the Climate Crisis and Pursuing Environmental Justices” during the opening segment of “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

The Manifesto’s tentacles ensnare every facet of human existence, under the guise of climate control, Levin explained:

“When you go through this document, you’ll see what I mean. In every aspect of our culture, our politics, our government: central government.

“It controls you, controls our livelihood, controls our future. It’s the modern day Communist Manifesto – and this is what Biden and his administration are using, and the Democratic Party.”

Levin described the Democrat Party as “an alien entity” based on totalitarian ideology:

“This is an autocratic party. It’s not a normal American party that supports our principles, our constitution and our processes.

“It’s an alien entity.

“Much of their ideology is imported from Germany. Even these fools don’t know it, but it is.”

“Now, I want to get to the issue of property – and this affects you,” Levin continued.

Discussing how Democrats have created “a pretend justice system” that they’re using against former President Donald Trump, not just to keep him from winning reelection, but also “to steal all of his property,” Levin noted that, even if Trump wins on appeal, he’ll still have lost all of his property, since it’ll already have been seized and stolen.”

Biden’s rules are designed to make it impossible for Americans to own single family homes and to buy the cars they want and drive them where and when they want, Levin said:

“Now, what does this have to do with you? I’ll tell you what this has to do with you.

“While this is going on, Joe Biden and his regime have issued a regulation that will make the use of your car and the combustion engine an impossibility. In other words, they are destroying the automobile industry. They are destroying your vehicles, your choice of vehicles for the future.”


“They are also doing another thing: this past week, they enshrined rules that will make it virtually impossible to build single-family homes in the suburbs and the exurbs. This has been a dream of theirs since Obama was president of the United States.”

“So, they want to control your vehicles, they want to control your homes, they want to control your neighborhood,” Levin said.

“It’s aimed at you, ultimately,” Levin said, dispelling the notion that Democrats will target only the rich, in order to help those who are less prosperous:

“You constantly hear them using Marxist propaganda about the rich, ‘Gotta’ get the rich; gotta’ get the rich’ - as if that’s going to help you. All it does is empower the government and the Democratic Party. You don’t see a penny of it. It’s aimed at you, ultimately.”

Levin said that Democrats don’t want Americans to have the freedom that gas-powered cars and their tried-and-true infrastructure provide them. Instead, they want to force people into electric vehicles that the nation’s grid cannot support, giving government the power to dole out the freedom of mobility as it sees fit.

Likewise, Democrats are forcing Americans to live in densely-populated units, like condos, apartments and townhouses – because, the more concentrated people are, the easier they are to control,” Levin said.

“And so, what is all this war on property: your houses, your cars, your ceiling fans, your air conditioning systems your dish washers, your dryers? What is this obsession?” Levin asked.

“It’s everything,” he answered.