Levin: SCOTUS Must Reverse Trump Conviction – ‘If They Don’t, It’s Over’

Craig Bannister | May 31, 2024
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The U.S. is done for, if the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t take up Donald Trump’s appeal and reverse his 34 “hush money” convictions at the hands of a Manhattan district attorney and state judge usurping federal jurisdiction to interfere in a national election, Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin warned Friday.

“You cannot allow a single judge, a single judge, to determine what our federal campaign laws are, what a presidential election is going to look like and try and influence a presidential election,” Levin said in an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“We have half the country cheering the fact that the Constitution of the United States was shredded,” Levin said.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea what is legal or illegal anymore in our election,” Levin said, explaining the national consequences of the “Stalinist-like show trial” held to convict Trump:

“They, literally, had a Stalinist-like show trial. We don’t know what the predicate crime is, you’ve heard it all. We don’t know what the elements are. The jury instructions are something out of Kafka.

“And Joe Biden is perfectly happy with it.

“We have an autocratic Democrat Party that will do anything to win: change the election laws, attack Supreme Court justices, the border’s wide up so they can win more Congressional seats under the Census count.”

Trump’s lawyers need to act now to get the former president’s appeal before the Supreme Court prior to the election because, if it’s not taken up until afterwards, “all of the evil actions that were done, all the unconstitutional actions that were done…will be rewarded,” Levin said.

“Maybe, there’s a ten percent chance – but, our country’s worth it,” Levin said. “We try, even if we fail, to pave a way to the United States Supreme Court.”

Levin said he doesn’t think the High Court is pleased with an acting state judge (Juan Merchan) seizing federal jurisdiction of a presidential campaign and federal campaign laws, because upholding the Manhattan court ruling would unleash chaos:

“Why? Because there’s thousands of these judges in 50 states. There’s tens of thousands of these state prosecutors in 50 states.

“Where it stands now is they can do whatever the hell they want to do: no due process, no predicate crimes, no elements to be proven.”

Americans shouldn’t stand by and allow a single district’s judges and attorneys to dictate election rules for the entire country and interfere with November’s national presidential election, Levin said:

“So, is New York, the appellate courts of New York, they’re going to decide for the whole damn country what goes on in Minnesota and California and Kansas and Oklahoma? No!

“And, we’re going to reward the timing, the Bragg-Merchan timing, right smack in the middle of the damn election to try to affect the outcome? No!”

In his interview, Levin explains one potential, precedent-based, path Trump's lawyers have to get the case to the Supreme Court before November's elections.