Levin: ‘We Used to Call this Treason!’ (Biden Defends Iran’s Nuclear Advance)

Craig Bannister | May 28, 2024
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“This is the worst kind of treachery by ANY president in our history!” Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin warned Sunday, reacting to news of the Biden Administration’s latest move to shield Iran from efforts to stop its pursuit of nuclear weaponry.

“MUST READ!!!” Levin began a social media post linking to an article in the Mirror titled “Joe Biden opposing UK and France's plans to rebuke Iran's nuclear advances.”

“The Biden administration is said to be arguing against an effort by Britain and France to censure Iran at the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) member state board in early June,” the Mirror reports, citing European diplomats. “While US officials deny lobbying against a resolution, the diplomats say the administration is pressing other countries to abstain in a censure vote, which is what Washington will do.”

“We used to call this treason!” Levin notes, responding to Biden’s reported efforts to coerce European nations to drop plans to censure Iran for its progress in developing nuclear weapons:

“Joe Biden is selling out our nation's security to Iran's nuclear program in order to get elected!  This is the worst kind of treachery by ANY president in our history!   We used to call this treason!”

First, Biden provided immense financial aid to Iran. Then, he denied Iran’s involvement in last October’s terrorist attack on Israel. And, now, Biden is actually advocating on behalf of the terror-tied, hostile nation, Levin explains:

“Biden has directly and indirectly funneled hundreds of billions into Iran, his secretary of state has been a special pleader for Iran, Iran has paid no price for unleashing its terrorist surrogates against Israel on October 7th (Biden-Blinken claimed there was no evidence of a connection!) or for its surrogates killing American military personnel, and now BIDEN IS PRESSURING THE UK AND FRANCE NOT TO REBUKE IRAN'S NUCLEAR ADVANCES!”

“Every voice must be raised against this!” Levin urges, warning that a nuclear-armed Iran is one of the gravest threats to the U.S.:

“Every legal, constitutional, diplomatic, and political step must be taken to stop this!  Or we will wake up one day with a nuclearized Iran and the gravest of threats facing our nation's future!”

“Biden has spent his entire career putting his own power, wealth, and interests above our country and this underscores it!” Levin writes.

Indeed, instead of censuring Iran, Biden is trying to delay any action against it by first commissioning a long-winded report that won’t be presented until after Americans vote in November’s presidential election, the Mirror reports:

“One of the strategies of the US is to prepare a comprehensive report seeking out everything it knows about Iran's failure to cooperate, but European officials claim the report would be presented after the US elections in November.”

An article by The Wall Street Journal supports the Mirror’s reporting that the Biden Administration is actively trying to defend Iran from being censured by pressuring other countries:

“The Biden administration is pressing European allies to back off plans to rebuke Iran for advances in its nuclear program, even as it expands its stockpile of near-weapons-grade fissile material to a record level, according to diplomats involved in discussions.”

According to IAEA officials, Iran already possesses enough highly-enriched fissile material for three nuclear weapons and is just "weeks away" from obtaining enough enriched uranium to develop a nuclear bomb.