Maine GOP Vows to Take ‘Biased Democrat Party Hack’ Shenna Bellows to SCOTUS to Restore Trump to State’s Ballot

Craig Bannister | December 29, 2023
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After Democrat Maine Sec. of State Shenna Bellows unilaterally removed Donald Trump from her state’s 2024 GOP primary ballot on Thursday, the Maine Republican Party fired off a series of social media posts promising to do whatever is legally necessary to reinstate the former president to the ballot.

On Thursday, Secretary of State Bellows declared Trump guilty of “insurrection” and removed him from Maine’s ballot, based on her interpretation of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin calls it “unconscionable” that Bellows “has no legal training whatsoever, has no working knowledge of the federal constitution, including the 14th amendment, but declares Trump ineligible for the ballot.”

On a series of posts on @MaineGOP, the state’s Republican Party says that even Democrats have reached out to condemn Bellows’ “political hatchet job”:

“We will fight this partisan hack’s decision to throw Trump off the ballot with every tool we have available to us. Thank you to the Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who have already contacted us with your concerns about Bellows’ political hatchet job.”

“We’ve been fighting this attack on the People since the beginning and we’ll never stop,” Maine GOP writes, vowing to sue and, need be, take the case all the way to the Supreme Court:

“We will be taking this to court and will fight to the Supreme Court if necessary. And we reserve our right as a private organization to use another system — if that's what it takes to keep a Democrat Hack Secretary of State from infringing on the Rights of Maine voters.”

Maine GOP has also launched a campaign and plan to oust Bellows from office:

“Shenna Bellows’ actions on December 28, 2023 have exposed her as a biased Democrat Party hack, unworthy of the high office she holds.

“Shenna Bellows’ position is elected by a vote of the Maine Legislature, not by the people of Maine.

“To fire Shenna Bellows, Maine Republicans simply need to flip a few seats in the Maine Legislature and elect someone who will defend the Constitution to be Maine Secretary of State, which is a Constitutional Office, instead of Shenna Bellows’ twisting of the Constitution to fit her partisan agenda.”