Mark Levin: ‘THIS IS A MASSIVE STORY!,’ ‘Where the Hell are Trump’s Lawyers?’

Craig Bannister | August 28, 2023
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“Yet again, I am forced to ask, where the hell are Trump's lawyers?” Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin asked Saturday, reacting to news that the White House counsel’s office met with Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s office, prior to Smith’s indictment of Pres. Joe Biden’s leading 2024 Republican opponent, former Pres. Donald Trump.

White House visitor logs reveal that Jay Bratt, a top aide in Special Counsel Smith’s office, had at least three meetings at the White House, the last on March 31, 2023 with White House counsel’s Deputy Chief of Staff Carolina Saba – nine weeks before Smith charged Trump with mishandling documents, The New York Post reports.

Thus, the White House counsel and the Special Counsel met during an active investigation into Pres. Biden’s likely 2024 Republican opponent.

Nine weeks later, on June 8, 2023, Trump was indicted by Smith’s office.

“THIS IS A MASSIVE STORY! That's why it will be ignored by the Democrat Party media,” Levin declared, in a post on social media.

This isn’t the only controversy involving Bratt, Levin wrote, noting that Bratt was responsible for the SWAT team raid on Trump’s Florida home – and is also being accused of extortion in the case:

“That said, Bratt not only met with Biden's staff at the White House while investigating Donald Trump and weeks before Trump was charged, Bratt is the senior DOJ official who insisted on securing a warrant and sending an FBI SWAT team to Mar-a-Lago; and, Bratt stands accused by Stanley Woodward, who represents Walt Nauta in the documents case, of extorting him (Bratt allegedly told Woodward that the judgeship he is seeking has a better chance if his client turns on Trump).”

Levin blasted Trump’s attorneys for, once again, failing to take advantage of an opportunity to defend their client:

“Yet again, I am forced to ask, where the hell are Trump's lawyers?  They should file a motion immediately seeking a court order for the information (mentioned above) and make a big stink about this outrageous news.”

What’s more, the judge in the case should demand that all information pertaining to the White House-Special Counsel meetings be turned over to her, Levin said:

“Judge Cannon should order, from the bench, that all records related to Bratt's meetings and discussions at the White House be preserved and provided to the court; and, she should ask the DC judge who has been dragging his feet in his secret review of the allegation against Bratt by Woodward transfer that matter and all the information related to it to her as it clearly bears on the document case that is now before her and in her jurisdiction.”

“THIS CLEARLY adds to the overwhelming case for a special counsel, as this not only creates the impression of a conflict of interest but a conflict of interest in fact. The Biden administration cannot be relied on to truthfully explain itself,” Levin added.

"Why would the senior line prosecutor involved in the document investigation of President Trump be meeting with Biden’s lawyers at the White House?  Caught red handed. Bastards," Levin said, in a follow-up post.