The Nightly News Is Lying to You, Va. Lt. Gov. Reports After Visiting Texas Border

Craig Bannister | April 15, 2024
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Nightly news programs tell Americans that the Border Patrol is a “welcoming committee” tasked with helping illegal aliens safely invade the U.S., but that isn’t – and shouldn’t be – their mission, Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears (R) said Friday, reporting on her visit to the Texas border.

“Seeing this truth in person is a very different experience than just seeing this on the nightly news,” Earle-Sears says in a statement. And, what she saw has convinced her that the U.S. border isn’t secure, Earle-Sears says:

“As the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, it was important for me to see the state of the border for myself. Our border is not secure. Seeing this truth in person is a very different experience than just seeing this on the nightly news.”

No state, including Virginia, is safe from the dangers of Pres. Joe Biden’s open-borders policies, the lieutenant governor warns:

“President Biden’s failed immigration policies have made every state a border state, including the Commonwealth of Virginia. Every day five Virginians die from fentanyl, which pours across our Southern Border.”

But, despite the deadly drugs and criminal cartels illegally pouring into the U.S., the media insists the role of the Border Patrol is to help illegal aliens safely and peacefully break into the country – and that’s not their purpose – Earle-Sears explains:

“The nightly news would want us to consider Border Patrol as peacekeepers. That is not their mission. They are not the welcoming committee. Border Patrol is there to do exactly that: patrol our borders and keep Americans safe!”

Indeed, as NewsBusters has reported, a recent CBS segment portrayed the role of U.S. Border Patrol agents as “first responders,” 911 call receptionists, and immigration processers:

“Border Patrol agents like Benjamin Salcido largely act as first responders.”

“Agents take in 911 calls from desperate migrants.”

“While some [illegal aliens] try to evade federal agents, many actively look for them, to begin the asylum process.”

Portraying border agents as first responders who provide for the needs of illegal aliens, instead of as enforcers of the nation’s immigration laws, is a typical media ploy, NewsBusters explains:

“TV reporters love this ‘migrants crossing treacherous terrain’ spin, putting the empathy with the poor illegal immigrants just looking for a better life, and the border enforcers are supposed to be ‘first responders’ instead.”

“As an immigrant, I believe in the American Dream. I understand why people want to plant their foot on American soil,” says Earle-Sears, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, immigrated to the United States at the age of six. “It is the Land of Freedom. I simply believe for the safety and national security of our country, we need to know who is gaining entry and why,” the U.S. Marine Corps veteran says.

“The President must take action to secure our border and he must take action now,” Earle-Sears says.