Pro-Hamas Vandals Run Amok in D.C. Due to ‘Severe Shortage’ of Park Police

Craig Bannister | June 10, 2024
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“A severe shortage of U.S. Park Police Officers prevented safe and effective police operations,” the U.S. Park Police Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) reported after pro-Hamas activists ravaged Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

“It’s ‘Peaceful Protest’ season in DC again….” the officers’ FOP commented on social media, posting a picture of a statute defaced by the activists, as the protest was taking place.

Just 71 officers were assigned to police a protest of about nine thousand anti-Israel protestors, leaving the agitators free to wreak havoc, the Park Police FOP reported on social media, posting video from the incident.

“The large, unruly mob in the park assaulted officers and prevented them from making arrests,” the video’s narrator reports. The video goes on to detail how greatly understaffed the Park Police have become, in relation to the growing number of visitors they’re expected to manage.


Making matters worse, the officers say the Park Police Command staff refused to allow them to wear riot gear for their safety.

As a result, the pro-Hamas activists ran wild, threatening and taunting the officers, and defacing statues with comments, such as "Death to Amerikkka," "Death to Israel," "Death to Zionists!" and "Kill pigs" (police).

“The agitators blocked exits used by the Secret Service, called for the destruction of Israel, scaled monuments, and vandalized nearby statues,” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

“We now have pro-terrorist protestors in our country, openly and publicly calling for genocide; you can thank Joe Biden and his party,” conservative commentator Mark Levin warned, reacting to the Park Police FOP post.