Rep. Jim Jordan Reveals ‘The Big Takeaway’ from Hunter Biden Deposition

Craig Bannister | March 1, 2024
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On Friday, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) provided “the big takeaway” from the deposition of First Son Hunter Biden’s deposition related to the impeachment probe of Pres. Joe Biden.

The number of times he said something that was directly contradicted by other witnesses that we’ve already deposed, and evidence we’ve already taken in, was a big number,” Rep. Jordan said in an interview on Fox Business Channel.

The biggest takeaway from the deposition involves the previous testimony of Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, Rep. Jordan explained:

“In fact, maybe the biggest one was this call, that Devon Archer testified last summer, when they were in Dubai with a board meeting with the folks on this Ukrainian energy company, the CEO of the company asked Hunter Biden, Devon Archer ‘Can you help relieve the pressure we are under?’

“Devon Archer testified that Hunter Biden then called D.C. and called his dad.

“Hunter Biden said, ‘No. No. No. I did not call D.C. I did not call my dad. No way did I do that.’

“So, we’ve got those kind of contradictory things. And that was, sort of, the big takeaway.”



In a social media post on Thursday, Rep. Jordan refuted five claims made by Hunter Biden during his deposition, presented verbatim below:

1. Hunter Biden said that he didn’t recall dropping a laptop off at a Delaware repair shop.

Multiple FBI and IRS officials have said that they authenticated the laptop at the Delaware repair shop as Hunter Biden’s in December 2019.

2. Hunter Biden said he did not remember a lunch at the Four Seasons in D.C. with CEFC officials and his dad.

Rob Walker testified that weeks before Hunter Biden and his business partners received $3 million from CEFC, Hunter Biden hosted a lunch that Walker attended at the Four Seasons where his dad dropped by and addressed the CEFC officials for 10 minutes.

3. Hunter Biden said that after Burisma executives talked to him about the pressure coming from the Ukrainian government, he did not call anyone in D.C.

But if he did, Hunter Biden said it was likely his children. Devon Archer testified that after Hunter Biden received the Burisma executives’ request, he called D.C.—“he called his dad.”

4. Hunter Biden said he never fully read an email from James Gilliar stating that Hunter would hold 10% for the “big guy” in their joint venture with CEFC.

Documents show that Hunter Biden responded to the email without protesting or even questioning the suggestion that he would hold 10% for his dad. Hunter Biden testified that he “truly” didn’t know if the “big guy” referred to his dad, but everyone knows who the “big guy” is.

5. Hunter Biden said that he did not recall sending a message to a Chinese business partner where he stated “I am sitting here with my father. . . .”

But he said that he if did send the message he was certain his father was not sitting next to him and in fact he sent the message to the wrong Zhao. Strangely, the Zhao that Hunter did message responded as if the message were meant for him.

The full, two hundred page, transcript is posted by the House Oversight Committee here.