Russell Brand: “’Gag Order’ Doesn’t Sound Like Something the Goodies Do”

Craig Bannister | October 27, 2023
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What could former President Donald Trump possibly say that would justify the gag order a judge placed on him, and is Trump really so persuasive that people would change their minds about him if he said it, comedian Russell Brand asks in his latest commentary video.

Noting that a New York judge recently fined Trump for comments the former president made regarding his civil trial, Brand mocked the whole concept of issuing a gag order:

“They should change the name, because ‘gag order’ doesn’t sound like something that the Goodies would do.”

Gag orders are issued against people because they’re loathed, not to protect the public, Brand argues.  And, what could Trump possibly say that would change the minds of those who hate him, anyway, Brand asks.

What’s more, at least in Trump’s case, the ploy is counterproductive, if its goal is to hurt him, Brand says:

“Every time Donald Trump is penalized in this way, his support grows, his supporters like him more.”

Is it really that scandalous, if Trump tells people not to trust The System or the news media, Brand asks:

“Who, at this point, watches the news and goes, ‘Yeah, that’s reality; that’s what going on; thank you.”


“What is he going to say: ‘Listen everyone, you can’t trust the system?’” Brand asks. “What is he going to say that warrants the gagging?”

Ultimately, gag orders are used by those in authority to silence people who threaten their power, Brand concludes.