Senator on SOTU: If Everything’s So Great, Why Is Biden So Angry?

Craig Bannister | March 8, 2024
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“If everything’s coming up roses, you’d think he’d be in a better mood,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Thursday, after Pres. Biden boasted - by angrily yelling nonstop for more than an hour – in his State of the Union speech.

“Well, it was a speech about an angry old man,” Sen. Johnson said, appearing on the Fox News Channel following Biden’s speech:

“If things were all that great, if everything’s coming up roses, you’d think he’d be in a better mood. You’d think he wouldn’t be so angry.”

“But, the problem is, it’s not coming up roses. Our nation’s in deep, deep trouble. And, it’s in deep, deep trouble because of his policies,” Johnson explained:

“He opened the border. He has the authority to close it; he just doesn’t want to.

“He sparked 40-year high inflation, which made a dollar that you held at the start of the Biden Administration worth only 85 cents. People are feeling that pain.

“He’s engaged in the war on fossil fuels.

“He’s the one that directed the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan that has emboldened our enemies and set the world on flames.”

“So, these are all caused by Pres. Biden’s, and his administration’s, actions, by their policies – and he can’t defend them – so, he gets all angry, blames everybody else,” Sen. Johnson said.

Sen. Johnson also slammed Biden for hypocritically claiming to be a president for all Americans – after spending his entire speech divisively demonizing, denouncing and attacking half of them:

“I thought what was, probably, most galling, at the end of the speech, he was talking about how he’s president for all Americans.

“No, he has painted half of America as, potentially, domestic terrorists.

“He has weaponized his federal agencies against Americans.

“Again, he falsely accused Republicans of the exact, same things he does.”

“He’s destroying this country. He’s the destroying our Republican Democracy,” the senator concluded.

Sen. Johnson's post.