Texas Border: Biden Slurs Climate Skeptics, Trump Mourns Laken Riley’s Murder

Craig Bannister | March 1, 2024
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“Today is a day of an extraordinary contrast,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday, noting the differences between the same-day visits to his state by Pres. Joe Biden and former Pres. Donald Trump.

Amidst Texas’ ongoing illegal immigration border crisis, Biden visited a part of the state secured by the very border wire the Biden Administration has ordered the Border Patrol to destroy.

There, Biden invoked the specter of man-made climate change and hurled a slur at its skeptics.

Meanwhile, Trump was with Abbott in Eagle Pass – in the heat of the action, where illegal immigrants are surging into the state.

The former president memorialized Laken Riley, a 22 year-old college student in Georgia who was brutally murdered, noting that an illegal alien - who had previously been caught and released - has been charged with the crime.



After thanking Trump for visiting Texas, once again, Gov. Abbott contrasted visits of the current president and his predecessor:

“You being here shows that today is a day of an extraordinary contrast:

“We have Pres. Trump back in the state of Texas, literally on the border itself, a place that he’s been to many times, talking about all the things that he’s done to secure the border.

“At the very same time, we have Pres. Biden down in Brownsville, Texas, which was an obligatory visit by him. He’d never been to the border.“



“In fact, I don’t think he’s on the border itself right now.“ Gov. Abbott said:

“He’s in some sanitized location in the Brownsville area – not seeing the razor wire that Texas has put up around Brownsville. And, he announced that he was going to Brownsville after it was already known that Pres. Trump was coming to the state of Texas.”

“It just goes to show that Biden does not care about either Texas or the border and what’s going on. As a result, you see a disaster,” Gov. Abbott said, adding that “The United States of America is dealing with more deadly consequences than we had in my entire lifetime because of Joe Biden’s policies on the border.”

“And, it did not have to be this way,” Abbott explained, citing four policies that Trump, as president, put in place that “led to the lowest illegal border crossings in about four decades”:

“The end of Catch-and-Release,

“The Title 42 policy,

“The Remain-in-Mexico policy and

“Building the border wall.”

Meanwhile, an angry Biden used his visit to Texas to insult those who are skeptical about his claim that man is causing a climate catastrophe requiring radical, costly government restrictions on Americans freedoms and control of their lives – calling them “Neanderthals.”