Texas Lt. Gov.: Biden, Mayorkas, Jean Pierre, Harris Are ‘All Hat and No Cattle’

Craig Bannister | January 29, 2024
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When it comes to securing the border, Pres. Biden and DHS Sec. Mayorkas are “all hat and no cattle,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says, as the Biden Administration continues to claim it is securing the border by cutting down the state’s border wire.

In a Fox News Channel interview Sunday, Lt. Gov. Patrick discussed how Pres. Biden has ordered unwilling U.S. Border Patrol agents to cut the border wire deployed by Texas.

Patrick addressed the persistent claims by the president, his DHS secretary, his press secretary and his vice president that the Biden Administration wants to secure the border, but Texas is getting in the way.

“You know, in Texas, we call it ‘All hat and no cattle.’ It means you boast a lot, you talk a lot and do nothing,” Texas’ lieutenant governor said:

“And, so far, for the last three years, it’s been all hat and no cattle from the four of them.”



Biden and his open-borders cohorts lie to the American people on a daily basis about the border crisis, Lt. Gov. Patrick told Host Trace Gallagher:

“As far as (Press Sec.) Jean Pierre and Mayorkas and Biden and Kamala Harris – I hate to say this Trace – they just lie, every day, about this. To think that we’re the part of the problem.

“We’re the ones that are saving lives:

“All the people who have died of fentanyl.

“All of the people who have drowned in the river.

“All of the women who were raped.

“All of the children who are in sex trafficking.

“All of our law enforcement who have been attacked by MS-13, or innocent Texans or Americans who have been killed or killed in a drunk-driving accident by an illegal alien.

“All of that death is on their hands.”

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden Administration can cut the border wire, but Texas will just keep on replacing it, Patrick promised:

“They can cut it all day long; they’re going to have to bring a lot of wire cutters, because we have a lot of wire.”