Three-Fourths of Palestinians Support Hamas and Oct. 7 Terrorist Attack, 98% Have ‘Very Negative’ View of U.S.

Craig Bannister | November 20, 2023
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Three-fourths of Palestinians support the terrorist organization Hamas and its deadly attack on Israel last month, a “Wartime Poll” gauging the opinions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip reveal.

The survey was conducted October 31 to November 7 by Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD), after Israel declared war on Hamas in response to the October 7 terrorist attack, in which Hamas killed more than twelve hundred people, beheaded and incinerated babies, raped women and girls, and took hostages they still hold to this day.

Not only do three-fourths (75%) of Palestinians say they support the October 7 terrorist attack, but more than half (59.3%) say they strongly support the attack. “Strong support for the attacks was notably higher among Palestinians in the West Bank (68%) as compared to Gaza (47%),” AWRAD notes.

Three-fourths (76%) also say they have at least a somewhat positive view of the role of the terrorist organization Hamas, with half (48.2%) voicing a “very positive” view of Hamas.

In contrast, less than one percent (0.4%) have a positive view of the role of the U.S., while 97.6% have a “very negative” view of the U.S.

Palestinians are more than three times as likely to believe the Gaza conflict is primarily between “Israel and Palestinians in general” (63.6%) as they are to think the war is between just “Israel and Hamas” (18.6%).

Ninety percent (89.5%) attribute U.S. support for Israel in the confrontation with Palestine to “Hatred of Muslims and Islam.”

Palestinians are equally cynical regarding the prospects of coexisting with Israel, as nine in ten (89.5%) say their belief in that possibility has decreased. Likewise, two-thirds (68%) say their support for a two-state solution has waned.

“The vast majority of Palestinians hate America and support Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. Remember that next time you see someone waving a Palestinian flag,” Media Research Center President Brent Bozell said in a social media post Monday, reacting to the survey’s results.