‘Tony Blinken Is Either a Naif, a Fool’ or ‘Misinforming‘ About $6B Sanctions Relief for Iran: Victor Davis Hanson

Craig Bannister | October 9, 2023
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“Do they think we are that stupid?” Historian and Author Victor Davis Hanson asked Sunday, as the Biden White House tried to rationalize giving $6 billion to Iran, in light of Hamas’s attack on Israel.

“But the more it spins, the clearer its culpability,” Hanson said in a social media post Sunday:

“Does [the Biden Administration] really believe that the long-agreed-upon U.S. green-lighting of $6 billion in sanctions relief to Iran has had no role in Iran’s terrorist support of Hamas, whether psychological or material or both? Do they think we are that stupid?”

“Even a first-grader” understands that, if a terrorist state knows it has $6 billion coming, it’ll be more emboldened to send arms to terrorists – and that those who give that terrorist state the $6 billion are also culpable.

Unless it’s spent directly on an item by its initial owner, money is interchangeable (“fungible”), like grain or wheat. Once it’s given to a third party and mixed in with other dollars, it can’t be said that any particular dollar in an account was spent on one specific thing and another dollar was spent on something else, Hanson explains.

“In short, (Sec. of State) Tony Blinken is either a naif, a fool, or to use his words ‘misinforming,’” Hanson says. “These administration megaphones who deny such fungibility always end up mouthing the same arguments as the lying and murderous theocracy in Tehran.”

“And are we really to believe, as told, that resumption of hundreds of millions dollars in aid to the Palestinians was also not fungible and used to aid the current murderous agendas of Hamas?” Hanson adds.

Americans need to realize that, when it comes to the Biden Administration, actions speak louder than words, Hanson says:

“Americans should not listen to what Biden’s team now conveniently says, but instead to what it actually does in the upcoming weeks when it is under fire by its base in the new woke Democratic Party, as the Israelis have to go into Gaza, end this toxic death machine, and confront the Hamas global propaganda machine.”


“A hard rain is soon going to fall abroad. And the United States better get its house in order,” Hanson warns, urging the Biden Administration to:

  • Shore up the nation’s oil and gas supplies,
  • Secure its borders,
  • Un-woke the military, and
  • Recalibrate faulty and politicized intelligence bureaus.


“We the American people should demand not one more American cent to these Gestapo and SS killers,” Hanson declares in a separate Sunday post.