Turnabout: Reporter Ducks Questions from Congressman About Biden Scandals

Craig Bannister | September 15, 2023
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The tables were turned Thursday, when a reporter ducked questions from a congressman.

Associated Press (AP) Reporter Farnoush Amiri tried to get House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to agree that Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry into Pres. Joe Biden without any evidence of an impeachable offense.

McCarthy responded like a contestant on “Jeopardy!” – by putting his answer in the form of questions.

But first, the congressman explained to AP’s Amiri that an impeachment inquiry is the not same as an impeachment – it’s just a fact-finding mission.

Rep. McCarthy then asked Amiri if she believed five items of evidence already obtained through sworn testimony:

Rep. McCarthy: “OK. Do you agree that, do you believe the president lied to the American public when he said he'd never talked to his son about business dealings? Yes or no?”

Rep. McCarthy: "Do you believe when they said the president went on conference calls? Do you believe that happened?"

Rep. McCarthy: "Do you believe the president went to Cafe Milano and had dinner with the clients of Hunter Biden, who believes he got those clients because he was selling the brand?"

Rep. McCarthy: "Do you believe Hunter Biden, when you saw the video of him driving the Porsche, that he got $143,000 to buy that Porsche the next day?

Rep. McCarthy: “Do you believe that $3 million from the Russian oligarch, that was transferred to the shell companies that the Bidens controlled after the dinner from Cafe Milano, took place?"

Each time, AP’s Amiri responded as if she were a defendant answering a prosecutor’s questions in court.

Instead of answering the question of whether or not she believed the testimony, Amiri either said she couldn’t answer the question or simply acknowledged that “That's what the testimony says."

Rep. McCarthy then tried to return to his question about Pres. Biden lying about his actions, but AP’s Amiri cut him off – and changed the subject from that of a serious charge against Biden to a question of whether or not lying is an impeachable offense:

Rep. McCarthy: “Okay, then I go back, do you think the president lied that he–?” McCarthy began to ask before Amiri cut him off:

AP’s Amiri: “But is that an impeachable, is lying an impeachable offense?”

Rep. McCarthy: "All I'm saying is I would like to know the answer to these questions. The American public would like to know."

As NewsBusters documented this week, there have been at least nine major Biden scandals that the liberal media have steadfastly refused to spend even one second reporting to the American public.