U.S. Facing ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Security Threat Due to Biden’s EV Mandates, 17 Retired Military Officials Warn

Craig Bannister | January 19, 2024
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By forcing electric vehicles (EVs) on America, Pres. Biden is exposing the nation to a threat that he has previously described as a “ticking time bomb,” 17 retired military officials warned the Commander-in-Chief on Wednesday.

Biden’s “tone-deaf policymaking,” puts the U.S. at the mercy of a “ticking time bomb” – China – the retired military officers say in a letter sent to Biden and his EPA Administrator:

“We would be exposing our economy and national security interests if we consciously link America’s economic and transportation stability to the enterprise of a country you yourself described as an economic “ticking time bomb.”

Biden called China “a ticking time bomb” last August at a fundraiser, The New York Post reported at the time:

“President Joe Biden ominously called China a ‘ticking time bomb,’ warning ‘bad folks’ can ‘do bad things,’ according to a pool report of the Thursday fundraiser.”

“‘When bad folks have problems, they do bad things,’ Biden said at the Park City, Utah, home of Mark Gilbert, a former US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.”

“Biden is known to be more candid with audiences at fundraisers — even stoking a diplomatic spat with Beijing by referring to Xi as a ‘dictator’ at a June forum with donors,” according to the article.

By making the U.S. reliant upon “China’s goodwill,” Biden’s EV plans “will only intensify America’s vulnerability to political interference by the Chinese Communist Party,” the military officials write. They explain that the EPA’s “proposed regulation to establish strict tailpipe emissions regulations on gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles” would “force up to two-thirds of new vehicles sold in the U.S. to be electric by 2032.”

Biden’s regulatory initiatives “will negatively impact our national security given the dominance by the People’s Republic of China (China) in EV supply chains” and, thus, “intensify America’s vulnerability to political interference by the Chinese Communist Party,” they write.

“We do not believe now is the time for us to make ourselves vulnerable to such easy political pressures,” they tell Biden.

The retired military officers’ concerns about the threat of Biden’s EV agenda is nothing new or unique.

Last September, in American Military News, Army Major General Bob Dees (Ret.) wrote that  Biden's “far-fetched plan” is an effort to appeal to his party's misguided fringe activists:

“The administration’s fixation on forced EV adoption is an attempt to appeal to fringe activists in his party who incorrectly believe that a zero emissions future must be reached regardless of the economic or national security damage brought about by their policies.”

“These mandates also come with significant costs for American national security,” Major Dees wrote :

“The rapid electrification of the transportation sector would pose serious risks to the integrity of America’s energy supply chain by increasing the country’s dependence on foreign adversaries like China for electric vehicle production and necessary critical minerals.

“Today the communist country controls around 77% of global EV battery production, they have effectively cornered 80 percent of the world refining market for cobalt, and by 2025 they are expected to control one-third of the world’s lithium supply.”

By acting in haste, “The U.S. military could find itself at a strategic point of failure should it implement widespread EV mandates,” Major Dees cautions.