VIDEO: Gov. DeSantis and MRC’s Bozell Discuss Dangers of Media Bias to U.S. Elections, Israel’s Self-Defense

Craig Bannister | November 6, 2023
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In an exclusive on-camera interview, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) discussed with Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell the dangers of media bias, especially when it comes to U.S. elections and Israel’s war on Hamas terrorism.

Gov. DeSantis, who is seeking the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, was asked about how bias liberal media are interfering with U.S. elections. DeSantis said there’s no doubt the media have a partisan agenda and are “trying to advance a victory for the Democrat Party,” as MRC has documented “for a number of years.”

DeSantis also addressed the issue of Big Tech censorship, particularly by Google, which is interfering in elections by manipulating its search results to highlight Democratic candidates ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“Of course, it’s something that is being done to change elections,” DeSantis said, before pledging to take “principled” measures, if elected president, against the potentially illegal censorship in order to ensure that “everybody is treated equally.”

Regarding the war in Gaza, DeSantis said the liberal media’s pro-Palestine coverage and efforts to convince President Joe Biden and Americans to demand Israel end the war prematurely should be ignored. “You have to finally end Hamas, once and for all,’” DeSantis said

Watch full interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis below.

Editor’s Note: All major 2024 candidates polling above one percent nationally across the spectrum — Republicans, independents, and Democrats — have been invited to participate in similar sit-downs. Our offers remain on the table.