Video: Replacing 'Illicit Cannabis' With 'Illegal Immigrants' in NY's Latest Crackdown on Undocumented Pot Shops

Craig Bannister | March 11, 2024
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Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul says she’s helping those who do things “by the book,” by cracking down on those who do them illegally – at least when it comes to undocumented cannabis retailers.

If only she felt the same way about illegal immigration as she does about undocumented pot shops.

On Tuesday, Gov. Hochul posted a comment on social media that seems highly ironic, given her state’s embrace of illegal immigrants, with its eight sanctuary cities:

“Legal cannabis retailers have done everything by the book to be a part of our new industry. We’re cracking down on illegal shops to ensure small business owners like Alfredo of @conbudny can continue to grow.”

But, what about people like legal immigrants who’ve “done everything by the book”?

They’ve waited their turn in line, filled out paperwork and jumped through seemingly endless hoops to enter and live in the U.S. Aren’t they compromised by those who simply break into our country by sneaking, or these days, simply walking across our borders between legal ports of entry?

In her post, Gov. Hochul embedded a video of remarks by Alfredo Anguiera, co-owner of CONBUD marijuana dispensary in New York, decrying the danger and injustice of illegal cannabis shops.

Anguiera warns of the public safety, health and economic threats posed by people illegally running cannabis shops:

“The shadow of the illicit market has loomed large, posing significant threats to the state’s economic sustainability and the overall wellbeing of our communities.

“As citizens of this great state, we are all stewards of public health and safety. And, as such, we cannot turn a blind eye to the dangers posed by these unregulated and potentially harmful substances.

“The fight against the illicit cannabis market is a fight for the future of our communities and our economy. By working together to root out illicit operators, support local farmers and promote responsible legislation, we can build a stronger, safer, and more equitable cannabis industry for generations to come.”

Imagine if Anguiera had said this about illegal immigration.

Well, now, you don’t have to. Just watch the doctored video below, where references to illicit cannabis are replaced by references to illegal immigration.

Think Gov. Hochul would praise these same principles, when they’re applied to immigration law?

For comparison, here's the unaltered video in Gov. Hochul's social media post: