‘We Have Anarchists Just Taking Over,’ GWU Student Tells Senator: Video

Craig Bannister | May 13, 2024

The pro-Hamas protesters encamped at George Washington University (GWU) have created an unsafe, lawless environment, Jewish students tell Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) in a new video chronicling the senator’s visit to the besieged campus.

In a video released Saturday, Sen. Daines takes a tour of the vandalism and encampments at GWU, where anti-Semitic protesters have taken control.

Daines spoke to Jewish students who said they don’t feel safe, especially “when we have anarchists just taking over a whole section” of the school grounds.

“It’s just scary being on campus; I don’t feel wanted,” another Jewish student said.

“I think the mayor (Democrat Muriel Bowser) has done a horrible job and just not enforcing law and order,” a student told the senator. “It seems like we don’t have bipartisan support on this issue, at all,” he said, praising Republican support and expressing hope more Democrats will come to their aid.