WHO Postpones Vote to Accept Radical Abortion Group after MRC, Pro-Life Coalition Warn of Consequences

Craig Bannister | January 25, 2024
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A World Health Organization (WHO) vote to enter into “official relations” with a radical pro-abortion organization was postponed after the Media Research Center (MRC) and 31 other pro-life groups signed and sent a letter warning WHO of the consequences of affiliating with the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR).

The vote to give CRR, the legal arm of the global abortion industry, recognition within the international health body was postponed after Monday’s letter by a coalition of pro-life organizations, led by the Center for Family & Human Rights (C-Fam) calling on WHO to reject acceptance of CRR and its controversial advocacy for abortion and homosexual/transsexual  issues:

“We urge you to oppose giving any official status within WHO to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a radical pro-abortion organization.

“For thirty years, the Center for Reproductive Rights has been at the forefront of attempts to manipulate international cooperation to promote abortion as a human right,” so acceptance of the radical group would compromise WHO’s integrity, independence, credibility, and reputation.”

Acceptance of CRR would also cost WHO significant funding, the letter says, noting that the U.S. is WHO’s largest donor ($700 million in fiscal year 2022):

“We also anticipate that future pro-life U.S. administrations and members of Congress will take a decision to give a special status within WHO to the Center for Reproductive Rights as evidence that the WHO is unreformable and as a further argument to withhold all funding to the organization.”

In addition to abortion activism, The Center for Reproductive Rights also promotes comprehensive sexuality education, transgender and sexual rights issues, and other controversial social policies, all under the guise of promoting binding human rights obligations pertaining to “sexual and reproductive health and rights,” the letter explains.

If WHO doesn’t vote on CRR’s acceptance by Saturday, January 27, it won’t be able to address the issue in its current session.

“The undersigned U.S. pro-life organizations urge you to stop the WHO from entering into an official relationship with the Center for Reproductive Rights,” the letter concludes.

Read the letter to WHO signed by 32 pro-life organizations, including MRC.