Will Kelsea’s Ballerinas Be Drag Queens at This Week’s CMA Awards Show, Too?

Craig Bannister | November 7, 2023
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After appalling Country Music fans and other God-fearing, red-blooded Americans at an awards show in April, singer Kelsea Ballerini will get another shot at repulsing them Wednesday night, when she performs at the Country Music Awards (CMA) show.

Co-Host Kelsea insulted viewers at the Country Music Television (CMT) awards earlier this year when she performed on-stage with four drag queens prancing and posing behind her. Her stage was decked out in rainbow and confetti, just in case her support of LGBTQ+ ideology wasn’t obvious.

Apparently, she thought that wasn’t obnoxious enough to Country Music fans, so she went on to attack the Second Amendment and call for more gun control.

But, even that wasn’t offensive enough to stop the CMA from inviting her to perform at their awards show, which NBC will air at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 8.

Which begs the question: what will she do this time?

Will Ballerini repeat her drag queen stunt – or, will she try to one-up herself with transgender background dancers?



Perhaps more importantly, will Country Music lovers tune in to watch her do it?

Maybe, like major league sports leagues, CMA thinks the anti-audience, LGBTQ+ antics will attract a new breed of “woke” fans. After all, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queer and “+” Americans probably are an untapped market.

But, given their disdain for all things Americana, can they actually be tapped – and, if so, at what cost, in terms of CMA’s core fan base?

Major awards show ratings have plummeted in recent years, hitting record lows, as the programs have turned from celebrating entertainment and into long-winded propaganda machines.

Is CMA eager to forfeit audience in the name of far-left ideology, too? We’ll soon see.