CRAZY: Rep. Jayapal - ‘Explode The Idea Of Paying For Things’ – End Student Debt

Eric Scheiner | November 19, 2020

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) is calling for the end of all student debt and claims the Democratic Party is “trying to explode the idea of paying for things.”

Jayapal made the comments during The Nation Fesitval online forum, titled "How Progressives Should Push for Change" on Wednesday evening.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we need to be  - the progressive movement needs to be the wind behind their sales to institute really broad structural progressive change,” Jayapal said.

“Look at how far we've already come with Joe Biden endorsing our ‘College For All Bill’ that Bernie Sanders and I put forward. That's phenomenal, already saying that he's going to cancel some student debt. Not as much as we want. We want it all gone. But he's saying some of it.”

Later, Jayapal was asked about using Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in order to make the Green New Deal work under a potential Biden administration. (For more details on MMT and its economic pitfalls, click here)

“Yeah, well, let me pull that apart a bit. We just had Stephanie Kelton, who wrote that wonderful book on MMT, come in and speak to the caucus, because we are trying to explode the debt and deficit myths that exist even within some of our own progressive caucus members. But in the Democratic Party writ large, we are also trying to explode the idea of paying for things. It's part and parcel of that. But we have I was talking to Katrina about how the Congressional Budget Office scores bills. Well, they have a terrible way of scoring bills, number one. But on top of that, they don't score based on things like is this bill going to reduce income inequality and wealth inequality? Is this bill going to reduce racial, economic and racial injustices? Those kinds of things.”