Creepy Bill Grins at Questions Over His Epstein Connection: 'I Think The Evidence Is Clear'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 7, 2022
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Bill Clinton laughed off a question about his connections with Jeffrey “Didn’t Kill Himself’ Epstein, saying that when it comes to allegations that Clinton may have had ties to the convicted sex offender and his crimes, the "evidence is clear."

“Any comments on the... allegation of your connection to Jeffrey Epstein?” a reporter asked Clinton at an event Monday.

The former president grinned as his clearly annoyed handler tried to pull him away.

“I think the evidence is clear,” Clinton threw back as he walked off.

Clinton, who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, is one of several high-profile people known to have traveled aboard the private plane Epstein used to travel back and forth to his private island, nicknamed "Orgy Island," where he trafficked and abused women and underage girls. According to statements made by Epstein's former girlfriend and fellow trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell, the island was reportedly equipped with hidden recording devices and cameras, likely used to film high-profile guests engaging in illicit sexual activity and kept as blackmail and "insurance."

While Clinton’s staff have claimed the former president only traveled on Epstein's jet four times, each time allegedly for work related to the Clinton Foundation, documents reportedly show Clinton used the plane - which was outfitted for sex with underage victims - more than two dozens times, including at least five times in which Clinton traveled with Epstein without Secret Service escorts.

I'd say the evidence is pretty clear, indeed.