Cry Harder, CNN! Outlet to 'Reevaluate' Their 'Relationship' with Twitter Over Leftist 'Journalists' Being Censored

Nick Kangadis | December 16, 2022
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Forgive me if I don’t feel one bit bad for the “journalists” getting suspended and banned on Twitter right now. Before Elon Musk took the blue bird over, yours truly was either suspended or banned at least seven or eight times in a one year span. It became such a joke that we kept a running tally of my suspensions and bans on a dry erase board.

Well, it seems as though the communists at CNN are now all about free speech and suddenly anti-censorship after the chopping block came for their activists masquerading as “journalists” started getting banned in the last few days.

Perhaps the biggest propagandist at CNN, Oliver Darcy, showed up on the network to read — and poorly might I add — a statement from CNN saying the outlet is going to “reevaluate” their standing on Twitter after such a violation of free speech and freedom of the press.

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“We have asked Twitter for an explanation, and we will reevaluate our relationship based on that response,” the statement read.

Oh, poor CNN. They don’t like it when it’s done to them, do they? Well, let’s all play the world’s smallest violin just for them.


They didn’t seem to care over the last five or six years as Twitter — when it was run by activists — were suspending and banning anyone who didn’t fall in lockstep with their warped ideology. And it wasn’t just journalists, either. Comedians, actors, commentators, video game streamers, plain regular folks, and yes, journalists were banned like it was going out of style.

And how was most of that done? With little to no clear explanation.

Here's the thing - those journalists should be allowed to say things that others disagree with, unless the things they're saying are either defamatory or targeting someone based on lies. However, while they should be allowed to speak, that doesn't mean we have to feel bad for them.

So excuse us on the right side of things for not caring even a little bit about the plight of the left, like CNN, who actively worked and campaigned to get people like former President Donald Trump, controversial political commentator Alex Jones and many other banned from being able to speak freely on not just Twitter, but all platforms.


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