CUE THE LIBERAL FREAKOUT: Piers Morgan Calls Gender Fluidity 'Dangerous Nonsense'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 18, 2018
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Fact: Piers Morgan is wrong nearly all the time, about a great many things.

But he’s not wrong about this.

LGBT supporters are decrying the British pundit for daring to suggest that gender fluidity – i.e., the habit of identifying as whatever gender you’re feeling inclined tot at any given moment – is “nonsense” that’s “dangerous to society.”

Piers most recently made this claim during a discussion on Good Morning Britain.

Here’s what he actually said in the interview, per the Gay Times:

“I absolutely think that anyone who wants to go through a process of transitioning from male to female or female to male, it’s such an incredibly difficult thing to go through, I would completely support people who do that,” he said.

“What I have a real problem with is this whole opting out of gender, being gender-fluid, waking up one day and thinking you want to be whatever you feel like.

“Is that not damaging to society, if we allow everyone to self-identify how the hell they like?”

He later backed up his claims in a tweet Tuesday in response to criticism from the publication:


So for Piers, it’s totally OK to switch from being a male to a female (insofar as medical science will allow), but the line gets drawn when you want to wake up each morning and decide between loafers or pumps.

It’s a valid point, and one that deserves to be addressed. While an individual permanently switching genders from male to female or vice versa is problematic for a whole host of reasons, it becomes even more chaotic when that “switch” happens on a near-daily basis. Even if you’re on board with a person “transitioning,” constant gender “fluidity” brings with it a whole new level of pandemonium that any structured society simply cannot sustain.

But never mind logic – and cue the progressive hysteria.

LGBTQLMNOP activists immediately slammed Piers as transphobic against gender non-conforming people. To which the British host, to his credit, had quite the epic response:

He may be wrong about a lot of things (namely guns, he’s really wrong about those), but I’ll have to give this one to Piers.

Gender fluidity is total crap.

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