DA Bragg Drops Lawsuit Against Rep. Jordan's Subpoena

Craig Bannister | April 24, 2023
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Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has abandoned his legal effort to prevent a former assistant from testifying before Chairman Jim Jordan’s (R-Ohio) House Judiciary Committee about Bragg’s investigation of former President Donald Trump.

On Friday, the Democrat DA dropped his lawsuit seeking to quash Jordan’s subpoena of anti-Trump zealot Mark Pomerantz, who had previously worked on the probe of Trump for Bragg’s office. A judge ruled against Bragg last Wednesday, after which the DA was granted a stay on appeal, which was rendered moot once Bragg dropped his suit.

As a result, Pomerantz will testify before the committee next month on May 12.

Bragg’s office announced the news on Twitter, saying that it had successfully negotiated the terms of Pomerantz’s House Judiciary appearance.