Daily Mail Report Details How Facebook, Twitter & Google are 'Riddled' with Ex-CIA & Ex-FBI Agents

Nick Kangadis | December 23, 2022
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This should really come as no surprise, but according to a new report exclusive to Daily Mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google were and might still be stocked with Alphabet Agency infiltrators geared to steer the public discourse.

Mint Press’ Alan MacLeod reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had “many” agents working at Twitter, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents were working in the “top ranks” at Facebook/Meta and more former CIA agents worked and still work at Google.

Here’s just a few snippets from the Daily Mail report:

  • The documents detailed how so many former FBI agents joined Twitter's ranks over the past few years that they created their own private Slack channel.
  • He also found that former CIA agents made up some of the top ranks in almost every politically-sensitive department at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • And in another report, MacLeod detailed the extent to which former CIA agents started working at Google.
  • It remains unclear whether any of these former agents have worked with their previous employers in a coordinated effort to quash any stories. But the CIA is prohibited under federal law from 'engaging in any activities for purposes of affecting or interfering with the domestic political process.'

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If the report is true that these social media companies were “riddled” with Alphabet Agency agents, like the Daily Mail article claims, then is it fair to say that the Justice Department (DOJ) is also culpable because they did nothing while people were being censored for no good reason over the past few years, including then sitting President Donald Trump?

There’s never any accountability for our own government possibly tyrannical and now we know why.


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