'Dangerous Content': Eventbrite Scrubs ‘Let Women Speak’ Event From Site

Haika Mrema | July 20, 2023
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How “pro-woman” of Eventbrite to remove a women’s event about protecting biological women. 

Eventbrite, a ticketing website, erased the listing of the “Let Women Speak Austin” event organized by the Independent Women’s Network, whose purpose is to “give women the opportunity to share their opinions and lived experiences, and to advocate for women’s rights and sex-based protections" - including against biological men who "identify" as women.

Independent Women’s Network obtained an email from Eventbrite’s Trust and Safety team, which said the organization’s event is “not permitted” on their website because it violates their policy on Hateful, Dangerous, or Violent Content and Events. 

“Eventbrite’s team of Trust and Safety experts politely communicated to me that they were capitulating to the trans ideologues, the loud minority who are perpetually offended by women speaking out against their intrusion into our sports and private spaces,” Independent Women’s Network’s Austin Chapter Leader Michelle Evans responded. “A simple demand — Let Women Speak — has been intentionally misrepresented by Eventbrite as hate speech.” 

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“The idea of adult human females gathering in the public square to openly discuss sex-based rights has been deemed by the ticketing platform to be a danger to society and worthy of cancellation,” Evans added. 

Nonetheless, the women’s group plans to host the event despite the setback from Eventbrite. 

“Hear this, Eventbrite: women will not be silenced. The event will go on as scheduled and the crowd of women ready to give a public record of their dissent grows with every retweet about the deplatforming,” Evans said. 

Ironically enough, Eventbrite co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz has claimed to advocate for women in the past.

“Let's keep celebrating women. In this curated collection, @Eventbrite’s experts showcase virtual events made for anyone to learn, celebrate, inspire change, and empower women everywhere,” Hartz tweeted for Women’s History Month. 

Seems a bit hypocritical to tweet that while suppressing women’s voices all under the same platform. Tell us Eventbrite – who do you REALLY support? 

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