David Dao Just Filed a Lawsuit Against United Airlines

Brittany M. Hughes | April 13, 2017
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David Dao, the doctor who was unceremoniously dragged from a United Airlines flight last Sunday when he refused the airline’s request to disembark the plane, filed a lawsuit against United late Wednesday.

Jacob Gershman, a Wall Street Journal legal reporter, tweeted a screen grab of Dao’s initial filing documents early Thursday:

According to the documents, the case is scheduled to be heard in the Cook County Circuit Court on August 10.

A video of Dao being forcibly dragged from the plane by Chicago airport security surfaced late Sunday night, and by Monday had gone viral. The airline has offered multiple excuses and apologies regarding the incident, saying they had asked four volunteers to give up their seats on the plane to make way for four United employees who needed to make it to Louisville to work another flight.

When no one volunteered to take the $400 incentive, or the subsequent $800 offer, United said they used a computer to select four random customers to leave the plane. Two complied, while Dao, a doctor who said he had to make it to Louisville to see patients the next morning, refused.

Airport security then yanked the man from his seat, resulting in his face hitting the armrest before he was dragged up the aisle and off the plane.

Several videos of the indecent have resulted in a public outcry against United and Chicago airport security, who says they have placed the officer in question on leave pending an internal investigation. United officials said they’ve already reached out to Dao following the incident, though no reports have surfaced regarding their efforts to get in touch with the doctor.

Some House Democrats (and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, apparently) have even called for a congressional hearing into airlines' ability to intentionally overbook flights.