Tolerance for Me, But Not for Thee! 'Hateful' Conservative Man on ABC's 'Station19' Needs Rescuing by Gay Liberal Sister

Dawn Slusher | May 13, 2024

As if ABC’s "Station 19" didn’t shove their liberal opinions down our throats enough by championing kids attending over-sexualized gay pride parades and portraying anyone who doesn’t toe the LGBTQ line as hateful bigots, the show decided to revisit last month’s storyline in their latest episode, “Give It All.”

Apparently, Shonda Rhimes hadn’t given it her all in the previous episode, “True Colors,” and she had some more liberal preaching to do. If you remember, in the previous episode, a crowd of angry, white, conservative men (of course) were protesting at a pride parade in which Station 19 was participating, including bi-sexual character Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre) who saw her brother among the men.

Now, four episodes later, Maya’s brother is back to again teach viewers, “Conservatives bad! White men bad! Liberals good!” I mean, they could at least try to come up with a unique storyline instead of ripping off tired old tropes from other shows.

Maya shows up at the home her brother Mason (Cameron Cowperthwaite) is sharing with his fellow protesters whom he considers family, and she’s already moody and agitated from hormones she’s taking for IVF treatment:


Poor Maya is trying so hard to save her brother from his conservative self. What’s a liberal girl to do? #EyeRoll As their argument continues, Mason becomes every Hollywood production’s caricature of how they see conservatives - angry, cruel and hateful:


Deplorables? Okay, Hillary. And Maya doesn’t think straight, white men are despised in our culture? Hollywood really does exist in a bubble.

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Maya is a great example of so many on the left who mistakenly believe conservatives and Christians must give up their deeply held beliefs (which Maya refers to as brainwashing) to love them. Do the writers not realize she’s being just as sanctimonious and holier-than-thou as Mason is? She just cloaks her bigotry in “love” and a savior complex:

Maya finally admits to Mason she’s bisexual which takes him by complete surprise:


Her revelation just brings out more of Mason’s hatred:


As a conservative Christian with a transgender family member, I have lived this experience. My family member is one of the most kind, loving people you could ever hope to know. My husband and I have gay family members, as well.

What’s beautiful is they love us and allow us to be ourselves without shaming us for our faith. They know we don’t think any less of them or judge them, and they don’t think any less of us or judge us. We just…love each other.

Unfortunately, I have lost close friends who are gay once they’ve learned about my Christian, conservative beliefs, and it’s honestly broken my heart. I was willing to love them just as they are, but they couldn’t do the same for me.

Because just as Maya says she can agree to disagree on everything but her humanity, the same can be said for conservatives and Christians who are hated and criticized for who we are.

Sadly, Maya cuts Mason out of her life and the two never find any common ground to cling to. There’s only judgement and hate on both sides:


Maybe if Hollywood would ever allow conservatives and Christians onto their writing teams to consult the way they do pro-abortion and leftist activists, they could come up with a decent storyline in which two family members actually express their love and devotion to each other unconditionally, no matter their differences. And neither must conform to the others’ beliefs in order to be “rescued.”

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath, either.


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