DC Extends Student Vax Deadline After Data Showed Half the City's Black Kids Are Unjabbed

Brittany M. Hughes | August 29, 2022
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Washington, D.C.  is extending the deadline for students to receive the COVID vaccine after it turns out their original policy would have barred nearly half of all black students from attending school this fall.

Under the Democrat-controlled D.C. City Council's original rule, backed by Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser, all D.C. kids ages 12-17 had 20 days to prove they were vaccinated against COVID after starting school - whether public or private. The mayor also iterated that no remote learning options would be offered for kids whose unvaxxed status kept them out of the classroom, meaning that kids without the option of homeschooling would effectively be left without an education.

But after a Daily Signal report went viral showing that about 47% of all black children in D.C. aren’t vaccinated, the city magnanimously extended that deadline to January of 2023, giving families more time to get the non-optional shot against a virus that doesn’t adversely affect kids, and against which adults can now be quadruple-“vaccinated,” rendering the shots medically unnecessary even regardless of the unconstitutionality of “mandated” jabs.

Of course, a less discerning person might blame a recent court case for the city’s decision to roll back the vax deadline, given that a D.C. court just ruled against Bowser’s sweeping mandate that all city workers get the jab. Per Fox News, Judge Maurice A. Ross said that Bowser "lacks legal authority to impose a vaccine mandate,” leaving one to wonder whether the city may have pushed its student vaccine mandate over similar legal concerns.

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But – and perhaps it’s thanks to all the lies, double standards, shifting goalposts and “rules for thee, but not for me” bullcrap surrounding the government’s COVID response – I’m not buying that explanation.

If one truly believed that the COVID virus still posed an immediate and deadly threat that could be instantly solved by the “vaccine,” and if one also believed that the government retained not only the right, but the ethical responsibility to impose a vaccine mandate to protect “public health” (all of which are problematic positions, but let’s just assume here), then for no reason would that person – Bowser, in this instance – roll back the deadline for a mandated jab to defend against such a deadly contagion.

But a far more plausible explanation for the city's extending the deadline for a vaccine they claim is an immediate necessity to save lives is because they realized that the mandate would kick thousands of underserved and at-risk, non-white children out of classrooms, force their parents out of work, and, most importantly, alienate a key political demographic.

Bottom line? Government control is all fun and games until it pisses off your main voter block.

Bowser’s council-approved rule and subsequent deadline extension only further proves what we’ve always known: these dictatorial mandates aren’t about COVID, saving lives, or protecting “health.” They're about controlling people’s behavior – either by convincing them that the government has their “best interests in mind,” or by threatening them when all else fails.

And they've got until January to get black D.C. families to buy into it.

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