Dedham, MA Library Keeps Christmas Tree After Uproar On Social Media

John Simmons | December 12, 2022
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Community members of a suburb of Boston are recovering from a case of the humbugs.

Earlier this month, the Dedham Library in Dedham, MA (which also has a branch in Endicott) said that it would not be placing Christmas trees in the building as decorations during the Christmas season. Lisa Desmond, the manager of the Endicott branch, took to Facebook to tastefully voice her displeasure with her library’s decision.

“I found out today that my beautiful library will not have its Christmas tree this year," Desmond wrote. "When I asked, I was told ‘people’ were made uncomfortable last year looking at it. I’m sorry WHAT? In my 28 years at the Dedham Public Library, I have never heard a negative comment.”

Naturally, Desmond’s online musing grabbed the attention of a bunch of lefties who were as emotionally fragile as the people who were made uncomfortable by the tree decor.

Some people accused Desmond of being no better than a murderer. Still others accused her of supporting a tradition that apparently is a sign of “Christian privilege,” since Christians are obviously the most favored demographic in our progressive culture. Even a member of the Endicott Human Rights Commission got in on the drama by abrasively disagreeing with her and responding with a profanity-laced rant accusing her of putting “people’s lives in a lot of danger” (that nut has since stepped down from the position).

After seeing the effect of the decision, the library has reversed course and will now bring back the Christmas trees at both locations. It released a statement regarding this incident:

"The Dedham Public Library we do our best to respect the wide variety of viewpoints and beliefs in our community, including those who choose to celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays,” the statement reads. “To be clear, there is no ban on Christmas at the Dedham library."

While that might be the case, common sense and decency are apparently in short order.

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