Delusional: 2nd Grade Teacher Lauds Pronouns in Classroom

Wallace White | July 22, 2022
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The modern classroom is a minefield strewn with liberal doctrine and deceitful teachers willing to shill for it to all ages. Libs of TikTok yet again exposed this reality to the Twitter public with a video of a second grade teacher lauding the use of pronouns among her students in the classroom, and her hatred for parents concerned with the ideas.

The woman in question goes by the TikTok username “ScatteredSpectrum” and her bio reads, “Artistic Autistic. Asd. Spd. Adhd. Sámi American. Art. BrainPlops. Dogs. Plants.” As if that wasn’t enough, her profile is also chalk-full of horrendous videos that make one question how this woman is allowed around second graders. 

I’ll let the video speak for itself below: 


This is the kind of person that’s around your kids in the public school system. Your tax dollars are funding your kids playing around with deranged conceptions of gender and their teachers indoctrinating them in secret by validating them. 

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They need proper instruction in what is good and beautiful, not in a bunch of postmodern anti-nature garbage from mentally unstable adults. 

Disregarding whether or not this story of the kids “switching pronouns” is even true, the fact that this woman(?) is a teacher speaks volumes.