Dem Congressman Suggests ‘Some Kind of Barrier or Different Area’ To Shield Biological Women In Trans-Inclusive Locker Rooms

Brittany M. Hughes | July 28, 2023
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Democrat Congressman and resident genius Steve Cohen had a novel idea on how to protect biological women who don’t want to change clothes or shower in front of biological men in gender-inclusive locker rooms: just separate them.

During a congressional hearing Thursday, on the issue of how biological men have been allowed to infiltrate women, spaces, dominate women’s sports, and the medical industries, praying on confused and vulnerable children in the name of left-wing. Gender ideology, Cohen acknowledged that some biological women may feel uncomfortable being told they have to share private spaces with… What does the left call them? Women with penises?

Also known as mentally ill biological men.

To solve the problem, Cohen suggested, directing some sort of barrier between real women sporting female anatomy and fake women with external genitalia.

“Transgender people have been around for a long time, and they have rights and they need to be respected,” he began.

He then referenced one of the hearing witnesses, a biological woman who complained that she was forced to use a locker room and shower facilities with a biological male athlete who had been allowed onto the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania. Cohen suggested that the school should have “put up some kind of barrier or different area in the women’s locker room” for biological women who don’t want to share their space with ‘transwomen.’

Or, as many of us, like to call it, a wall. While we’re at it, we could add a door. And maybe, to cut down on confusion as to what the separate space is for, we could put a sign on the door, perhaps some sort of image or word indicating that the space is for biological women. 

Also known as a women’s locker room.

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The fact that Cohen is now suggesting a separate space for biological women who don’t want to change in front of biological men gives the entire game away. Leftists have worked themselves into a nice little corner, having marketed themselves as champions of women for decades in pushing issues, like feminism, abortion, and the forever-moving target of gender equality.

But by allowing - and even encouraging - biological men to move into women’s spaces, invade their privacy, threaten their safety, and usurp their sports opportunities, even to the point of changing language to erase women in an effort to include mentally ill men, the left has effectively attacked their own ideology that claims the government should actively protect women from evil men who would seek to steal from them.

Because in fact, that’s now exactly what they are supporting. 

How those bus tires feel, ladies?