Democratic VA Gov. Ralph Northam Shrugs Off Blackface, Says ‘We’ve Moved Forward’ – CNN Allows It

Monica Sanchez | November 6, 2019
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Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in an interview with CNN on Wednesday shrugged off his history of wearing “blackface” – and CNN allowed him to do just that.

Northam admitted that he had worn blackface back in the day but that we’ve since “moved forward from that."

He said that he has fought for race and equity ever since taking office and that during his time as a pediatrician he was as "inclusive" as can be. 

Northam went on to thank his supporters for sticking with him and discussed Democratic gains in Virginia last night despite the scandals of last year.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson pointed out the hypocrisy, tweeting, “Can you image if this was Donald Trump or virtually any Republican?”

The photos of Northam wearing blackface in his medical school’s 1984 yearbook surfaced in February of last year. The pictures surfaced the same week as his comments about how he supports killing babies after they are born.

He initially took responsibility for being in the photo. He changed his story during a press conference and said he was not in that particular photo, but had worn blackface before. He blamed his “insensitive” behavior on his “incomplete understanding regarding race and equity.”

“But I also learned that the more I know, the more I can do,” he said.

Now that the scandal is “over,” or at least no longer making headlines, it’s no big deal.

Similarly earlier this year, Canadian Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sucked up in scandal after several photos of him wearing blackface surfaced. Trudeau, however, took responsibility, saying he should have “known better.” He then blamed his white privilege.

Currently running for re-election, Trudeau was crucified by the opposing party, of course, but the situation blew over shortly.