Democrats Rely on E-Mail to Recruit Support For Saving Snail Mail

Craig Bannister | August 19, 2020
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In recent weeks, Democrats have used an e-mail campaign to drum up support for their efforts to bail out the United States Postal Service (USPS) and stop the postmaster general’s planned cost-cutting measures and reforms.

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), Official Democratic HQ, and Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez have all sent e-mails urging supporters to sign a petition demanding Congress protect and fund the USPS.

So, why didn’t Democrats support the USPS by sending out its call to action by using only postal service mail and snubbing its competitor, e-mail?

Some of the reasons Democrats chose to use e-mail may include:

·         Faster Delivery: With snail mail, the Democrats can expect supporters to receive their message in 3-4 business days. With e-mail, the message is delivered immediately.

·         Faster, Easier Response: With snail mail, supporters have to set aside time to write a letter of support, research where to send it to their elected officials, and then employ a form of delivery. With e-mail, they simply click on a link and add their names to a petition.

·         More Reliable Delivery: E-mail removes the potential for mistakes and oversights in the sorting, handling and delivery of hard-copy letters by postal workers.

·         Less Expensive: With snail mail, Democrats need to affix sufficient postage and pay staff to stuff, stamp, and address letters. With e-mail, they employ an e-mail database and press a button.

Democrats’ e-mail campaign appears to have been at least somewhat effective, as Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has postponed his plans to downsize and revamp the USPS.

But, Democrats also want $25 billion to bail out the USPS, which lost $8.8 billion in Fiscal Year 2019 and lost $2.2 billion in the most recent quarter. Democrats are refusing to agree to a new coronavirus relief stimulus package unless they get the $25 billion and House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has even called the House back from recess in order to vote on a bill dedicated to protecting and providing the funding to the USPS.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the USPS has estimated that “the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the Postal Service’s net operating loss by more than $22 billion dollars over the next eighteen months, and by over $54 billion dollars over the longer term, threatening our ability to operate.”

A look at the Democratic Party email is available below.

DNC Chair's E-mail Call to Action

DGA E-Mail Petition

Democrats' E-mail Petition