Dems Now Blame Trump Supporters For Delaying the Iowa Caucus Vote Count

Brittany M. Hughes | February 6, 2020
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After bungling the Iowa caucus so bad that rational people began question how on Earth they’d run the entire country, some Democrats are now blaming the whole prolonged mess on…

…Trump supporters.

Yep, the group of people who first blamed an app malfunction for screwing up the voting process, then blamed another glitch for announcing the wrong results, is now pointing the finger at advocates of the president for delaying the whole mess even further, saying Trump supporters flooded their hotline number, which was posted on the Internet, with calls and hindered their recount.

From the Hill:

Sources told the news outlet that Ken Sagar, a state Democratic central committee member, told other party officials on a Wednesday conference call that a high volume of people called in and expressed support for the president.

The hotline number was posted online after an app used by the party to count precinct votes largely malfunctioned, forcing the precinct chairs to try to use the hotline to report results.

Caucus officials claim the calls were "elongating the delays in the vote tallying process."

Democrats they’re still counting votes from Monday night’s caucus, claiming they’ve got 97 percent of the precincts accounted for as of Thursday morning with South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders neck-and-neck for the lead.

The Hill also reports that in a text message to Bloomberg responding to allegations that Trump supporters had flooded the phone lines, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh told him, “Don’t know anything about that, but maybe Democrats should consider using an app of some kind next time."