Dep. of State: Indonesia Attacks Gays, But Maintains 'Strong Ties' With U.S.

Alissa Lopez | August 15, 2016
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Liberals will always say that they truly care about the LGBT community, but do they really? 

The Department of State released a statement on Monday sending its “sincerest regards” to Indonesia, a predominantly Mulsim country, on its 71st Independence Day.

The press release stated:

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, it is with great pleasure that I send my sincerest regards to the people of Indonesia on the 71st anniversary of your independence this August 17.

Deeply rooted in the democratic values and respect for civil society that our peoples share, the ties between our nations have never been stronger. As a testament to our close relations, the United States and Indonesia have forged a Strategic Partnership that is broadening bilateral cooperation, including in development, nutrition, climate change, and regional security.

The relationship between the United States and Indonesia will continue to advance and stand as an example of what can be accomplished when two nations pursue a common vision together. We wish all Indonesians a safe and prosperous year ahead. Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia.

Of course, this is the same Indonesia that has been demeaning its LGBT community for months. Not only are the liberal media and social justices warriors silent on the matter, but it looks like the Obama administration is, as well.

Obama has not hesitated to call out what he believes to be are injustices toward various groups in America, including the Muslim and LGBT communities. So what makes these foreign LGBT individuals any different? Absolutely nothing other than the fact, as I have stated before, denouncing Indonesia for its stance will completely contradict his -- and his entire administration's -- rhetoric on Islam.