Depraved Salon Pro-Abort Admits: ‘Satanists Are Right,’ Abortion ‘Sacred Ritual’

Alexa Coombs | September 9, 2021

Salon’s resident rabid pro-abortion extremist Amanda Marcotte is perhaps outdoing her usual psychotic self in her freak out over Texas protecting the lives of unborn babies. How unhinged has the radical feminazi gotten? She’s taken to embracing Satanists.

Yep, her article from Tuesday is actually titled, “The Satanists are right: Texas' abortion ban is a direct attack on freedom of religion.” You know you’ve lost the argument and are going off the deep end when you begin with the phrase “The Satanists are right …”

She asserts the Satanic Temple “does not literally worship Satan,” but they do sue states to force them to display Satanic imagery along with Christian ones and claim “abortion is one of their sacred rituals, making the ban a major imposition on their free expression of religion.” It’s hard to get more devil-worshiping than child sacrifice. They’re actually saying the quiet part out loud.

The reason Marcotte loves the Satanic Temple so much, besides their mutual interest in shedding the blood of the innocents, is because she thinks their trolling legal maneuvers highlight her crazy conspiracy theory that “The anti-choice movement is just one part of a larger effort by Christian fundamentalists to covertly turn the U.S. into a more theocratic state.”

Yes, she seriously thinks, “Conservatives go to great lengths to hide how much being anti-abortion is about forcing all Americans to live by the religious tenets of the white evangelical minority.”

One way we supposedly do this is by lying about science. She ludicrously writes that science hasn’t advanced in the last 50 years, arguing, “In 1973, scientists understood perfectly well how embryonic development worked and that understanding hasn't meaningfully changed since then.” Then claims:

Indeed, the pretense for banning abortions so early — the "fetal heartbeat" — is also a lie. As actual medical scientists and doctors told NPR, there is neither a fetus nor a heart that early in pregnancy, but more "a grouping of cells that are initiating some electrical activity" that GOP legislators misleading call a "heartbeat." 

Oh, yeah, it’s 2021 GOP legislators in Texas who suddenly came up with the idea of detecting an unborn baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks; it’s not language that all doctors use with their expectant patients and that every pregnancy-related book or website has featured as a factoid for decades.

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To attempt to prove “lies about ‘science’ are common among anti-choicers” she invokes a pro-abortion op-ed by “scientists Nicole M. Baran, Gretchen Goldman, and Jane Zelikova,” all of whom are activists working in the environmental sciences, not human biology or embryology. She couldn’t find a neutral, knowledgeable source to back her up because it doesn’t exist. The science is settled: 95% of biologists agree human life begins at fertilization.

Back to the secret pro-life theocracy plot, Marcotte claims it’s only “a small and shrinking group of hard-right white evangelicals who wish to foist their religious views on the majority.” In fact, a recent Rasmussen poll found that 47 percent of voters support Texas’s pro-life law, compared to 43 percent against and a 2019 Hill-HarrisX poll found 55 percent of voters thought laws banning abortion after 6 weeks were not too restrictive compared to 45 percent who said they were. So, maybe it’s really a tiny group of hard-left Satanists trying to push their religious views on the majority.

But, because white evangelicals oppose abortion at higher rates than other groups, she goes on a paranoid rant further defaming this devious cabal that wants to sap our precious bodily fluids:

The anti-abortion movement cannot be meaningfully separated from this theocratic movement of white evangelicals, or, for that matter, from white supremacy. It's all one big bundle of intertwined ideas, and all the same people pushing it. These are folks resolutely opposed to a multiracial democracy, and instead have a vision of the U.S. as a white supremacist state where their far-right religious views shape the laws that everyone has to live by.  And despite the fact that Ten Commandments explicitly forbid bearing false witness, these theocrats lie and lie and lie — about science, about the law, about their intentions — because they know full well that their mission is anti-democratic and violates the constitutional precepts about freedom of religion. 

… It cuts right to the heart of the struggle defining our era, between a secular, pro-democracy majority and an authoritarian minority who wants to force its racist, theocratic view of America on the rest of us.

Whew! Well, I suppose when someone is that delusional and blinded by bloodlust for tiny broken human bodies, turning to satanism starts to make sense.

Marcotte can scream and cry all she wants about it, that still doesn’t change the fact that countless precious lives are being saved from the horror of abortion right now in Texas.

Not today, Satan.