Dershowitz: NY Case Against Trump - ‘Mickey Mouse Case, There’s Nothing To It’

Eric Scheiner | April 11, 2023
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‘It's a Mickey Mouse case, there's nothing to it,” is how famed attorney Alan Dershowitz sums up the case Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is bringing against Donald Trump.

Dershowitz explained why in a recent video interview with Forbes released Monday.

“Let me give you the theory of the misdemeanor prosecution before we even get to the felony. The misdemeanor prosecution is that Donald Trump paid $130,000 to assure that a woman, Stormy Daniels, didn't reveal her allegation that she committed adulterous sex with Donald Trump,”  Dershowitz said.

“The purpose of the payment was to keep it quiet, Bragg says. However, he then should have put it in his public corporate forms, describing exactly why he paid the $130,000.  Has anybody ever in the history of hush money or nondisclosure agreements ever, ever, ever then disclosed the reason from the time Alexander Hamilton paid hush money to Mrs. Reynolds back in the 18th century?

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Nobody has ever revealed the reason for doing it. Hamilton eventually did it because he was extorted again, claiming the money came from Treasury funds. But in general, when you pay hush money, the reason is to keep it quiet. But Bragg says no. If you pay hush money, you then have to disclose it on corporate forms. I've challenged him to find a single case in history where anybody has been prosecuted for failure to disclose the reasons or the basis for a hush money payment. He can't do it.

And he looked in the camera and said, Oh, this is our bread and butter. We do this all the time. No, you don't. You never do it. It's never done. You invented this crime.”

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