DeSantis Moves to Protect Florida Middle and High Schoolers Against the Left's Trans Agenda

Brittany M. Hughes | March 23, 2023
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Ron DeSantis sees your “Don’t Say Gay” and raises you a “Just Shut Up Altogether.”

Just kidding - DeSantis never told anyone not to say gay. And by that token, neither did the Florida state legislature. They did, however, tell public school faculty not to teach kindergarteners about gender-bending or give porn to 7-year-olds. Pretty simple stuff, actually - and all stuff that any decent-minded person would support on basic principle.

And it looks like those rules might get expanded to high schools, as well. According to this, the Florida Department of Education will vote next month on a proposal to effectively ban lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity from grades 4 to 12 unless they’re part of a pre-approved (and voluntary) reproductive health curriculum.

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That material was already banned in kindergarten through Grade 3 under the Parental Rights in Education law - i.e., the leftist-dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” bill - that DeSantis signed last year.

Contrary to what progressives might have you believe, the word “gay” doesn’t actually appear in the bill, nor does it ban anyone from discussing same-sex relationships. In fact, while Florida law does mandate that schools can’t refer to a student by alternate names or pronouns without parental consent, nothing in it prohibits students from discussing…well, anything. 

Just don't expect the left to be any more truthful about this development than they were the first time around.