Despite Biden's Previous Support for Free Testing, WH Reportedly Planning on Charging Reporters $170 for Every COVID Test

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2021
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Remember when the radical media, leftist politicians and mindless Hollywood zombies kept telling anyone that would listen for the last four years that former President Donald Trump was attacking and suppressing freedom of the press — which ironically never happened? Well, it must be opposite day every day, because President Joe Biden's regime seems to be doing exactly that.

The Washington Examiner expanded upon the Washington Post report that claims the White House will allegedly “begin requiring reporters to pay a proposed $170 per COVID-19 test for each visit."

If true, it’s insane to expect reporters that frequent the White House practically every single day to spend $850 per five day work week on tests that the White House also requires reporters to have before being allowed into the White House to report.

The reported move would contradict Biden’s own previous support of free COVID testing for everyone, no matter if you’re an American citizen or illegal alien.

Forbes reported in August 2020:

After President Donald Trump claimed earlier in the day that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready before Election Day, Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said that in addition to free Covid-19 testing, "every person in the country, whether they're undocumented or documented, should have access to a vaccine if and when it occurs.”[…]

Biden explained that he supports free coronavirus vaccinations and testing for undocumented immigrants because "it's in the interest of everyone, that everyone be taken care of, and everyone should be able to be eligible for that.”

So people that aren’t even supposed to be in the U.S. should get free COVID tests, according to Biden. But reporters who provide the public with information directly from the White House shouldn’t? 

Sounds about right.

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If accurate, the move will disproportionately affect smaller news outlets that don’t have the budget of a CNN or Fox News. Essentially, this move could ensure that the establishment media outlets are the only ones that get to report from the White House if the cost from repeated COVID testing becomes too much for said smaller outlets.

The Examiner noted comments from the Daily Caller’s White House correspondent, Anders Hagstrom, who noted the hypocrisy of the reported move.

Trump absolutely slammed the media every chance he got, but he never acted on banning entire outlets from reporting on whatever it was he was doing at the moment. Yes, he temporarily banned some individuals, but that was because they couldn’t act like adults within the setting.

Again, if true, this move would — intentionally or not — suppress freedom of the press, using a pandemic as the excuse. Par for the course, it seems.