Did Biden Just Forget He's President...Again?

Brittany M. Hughes | August 5, 2022
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Did Joe Biden just forget he's president...again?

Sure seems like it.

The president seemed to suggest that someone else, in fact, holds his position as leader of the free world when, during a speech Friday, he declared that it was "his job" to help Americans pay their bills...before adding that "it's the president's job, as well."

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Laying aside the fact that it's not actually the president's job to help Americans put food on the table or take care of their kids, and that so many of our current economic struggles stem from the government creating even more problems by trying to "help" people take care of themselves, the bigger question remaining is, does Joe not know he's the president?


Perhaps some grace can be given for the fact that Joe has continued to test positive for COVID for the past two weeks, despite having gotten four COVID shots. Fatigue and isolation can certainly addle the brain.

Unfortunately for the president - and the country he leads - he, and his supporters, seem to be running out of excuses for the constant gaffes.


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