Disney Park Employees Rally Against Vax Mandates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 20, 2021

The self-titled “happiest places on Earth” appear to be something other than that, based on reports that many worried and disappointed Disney World and Disney Land employees just marched against corporate and federal jab mandates.

The media-dominant Disney Corp just played cozy with Joe Biden in DC to promote the jabs, and continues to press its giant Florida and California theme park employees to get the injections.

Not surprisingly, many of the laborers don’t like this change in their working agreement.

The Disney policy change came in two phases. The first announcement, mandating that all non-union and salaried employees get jabbed by September 18, hit the news on July 30. In August, the corporation “reached an agreement” with its Services Trade Union to adopt the policy for on-site workers by October 22.

And on Friday, employees in both Florida and California sounded off.


As Karen Parks reports, for WFTV 9, Orlando:

Walt Disney World cast members on Friday took to the streets, protesting the company mandate to get the vaccine (sic).

‘I feel like God Almighty led me to not get the vaccination,’ said Candee Pull, who has worked for the company as a server for nearly six years.

Katie Rice writes for the Orlando Sentinel that Disney World employees protesting near the entrance to the theme park carried signs reading, “No Mandatory Vaccine” and “My Dream Became A Nightmare,” and she added:

Nick Caturano, a Disney employee for 16 years, organized the march. Caturano works directly with Disney visitors but declined to confirm his work location and asked his specific position not be published.

He said he and his wife contracted COVID in about April and took Ivermectin to recover.

Disney World shut down March, 2020, and reopened four months later, with many limitations. In Anaheim, CA, Disney Land shut down in the spring of 2020 and temporarily became a “vaccination” site in January of this year.

Disney World employee Caturano stressed the concerns of many in Orlando:

So many cast members at Disney have been having the same observations and the same concerns, and people are scared to speak out... I just felt it’s time to speak up, and my argument is not whether to get vaccinated or not. Our speaking up is about having the freedom to choose having autonomy over your own body.

Of course, in announcing his own unconstitutional federal jab mandate to be dictated on large corporations via OSHA, Joe Biden on Thursday, September 9, stressed his collectivist government negation of personal autonomy over one’s own body, even as he repeated his infamous and nonsensical drivel:

We have to protect vaccinated workers, from unvaccinated co-workers.

Yes. We must protect those wearing seatbelts from those who aren’t wearing them – even though Joe tells us, as he has said about the jabs, they’re “effective,” and after he told those who’ve gotten injected, “You’re as safe as possible.”

And Biden spouted this nonsense after his icon, Great Science Lord Anthony Fauci once claimed on CBS that he wouldn’t be surprised if mRNA jabs would provide “life-long immunity” – a statement that reflects expectations that have been proven completely wrong.

As Jack Davis reports for The Western Journal, the Disney employees appear to be seeing these confusing signals and unfounded claims, these unconstitutional mandates from Biden and history of government errors, and they are not pleased or comfortable. Caturano, in particular is abiding by scientific information, his conscience, and his religious beliefs:

He said that the immunity he now has, and his religious beliefs, make him opposed to getting vaccinated.

‘I’m not comfortable with taking it,’ he said, according to the Herald. ‘I just can’t see putting it in my body.’

This is a problem for many people in the US. As I reported last week for MRCTV, one NY hospital system is “pausing” baby deliveries because so many staff members are leaving in response to state vaccination mandates.

In California, many hospitals are in turmoil for the same jab-tastic reason.

In Nebraska, prior to Biden’s mandate, one medical system was recruiting un-jabbed medical staff, in particular, to fill rosters. But that might be put on hold, thanks to Biden, even as he spuriously claims that hospitals are overwhelmed due to "unvaccinated" COVID cases, not because of staffing shortages related to jab mandates.

Clearly, people want to choose for themselves.

So, how is it that a “woke” corporation like Disney, and a supposedly “Catholic”, paradoxically “pro-choice” (read: pro-abortion, pro-tax-funding-of-abortions) President, like Biden, feel they can dictate to people like Caturano and his friends that the parameters of their working situations will be changed, that they must get jabbed for a virus that has a very high level of survivability?

That’s a mystery that even the wizards in the Magic Kingdom and the White House seem incapable of answering.

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